As an all inclusive studio, we strive to create an effortless experience for all of our clients. From planning your session details, guided posing throughout your session, and helping you select the perfect presentation items to gift or display
your photos. We know that you have a busy life, and this shouldn't be another boring task on your list for the week. So we are here to do all of the work for you!


the Studio.

- Booking & Initial consultation. Here we will go over all of your options including session add ons, products, and the overall experience. 

- Planning appointment to discuss style, wardrobe and all that you hope to get out of your dream session. Great opportunity to check out thestudio wardrobe and try things on!

- Your session. A fully guided experience complete with professional makeup application, posing guidance, and access to the studio wardrobe. A time for you to kick back and relax, let us do the work, share lots
of laughs, and create gorgeous photos together.

- The viewing & ordering session. We will view your images together and I will be there to assist you in narrowing them down to your favorites so
you don't feel overwhelmed. The you will get to hold all of our wonderful heirloom products and decide which items you love the most and are the best fit for your needs.

- In person order pick up. I know, one more visit to the studio, but I want to be there when you view your final products not just to share in the excitement, but to also ensure that everything came out exactly as expected.

 the Process

I'm an artist, a weirdo, a nerd, a dreamer, and a creator of beautiful things.

I strive to find beauty in all things that surround me, I love to challenge myself with new concepts and collaborations with other creatives as well as my clients. I adore that moment when I take a photo of someone and instantly feel a connection to them through an imperfectly perfect image.

To summarize, I LOVE what I do and I feel lucky that I can share a bit of how I see the world with others through my photography.

I'm KElly!